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Most frequent questions and answers

There are many interested parties. As follow-ups continue to be made, a list identifying these parties with their connection to the project will be provided.

There are a number of cost estimates yet to be determined. These costs will be in two parts as is the project itself. Restoring the Edmonton Coliseum and developing the site (lands) that surround it. A good example of this is the attached development of the covered year round tennis training centre, run and maintained by Tennis Alberta, whose details has been provided. The only addition will be another eight pickle ball courts on top of the eight tennis courts required.

There will be a number of participants acting in the overall management of both the Edmonton Coliseum and site development.

To the best of my knowledge as expressed by others, the criteria has been expanded to be all inclusive with a federal commitment of what now amounts to be in the neighbourhood of twenty four billion dollars. Mortgages are being provided through CMHC on such projects, we hope to expand on that option.

Great question, affordable housing will need to be maintained and managed. The addition to a resort hotel will provide the housekeeping, property management needed to maintain the attached affordable housing complex.

There is plenty of space to accommodate the entire project. There are four construction and restoration firms to be consulted with on the overall development to meet those plans.

The same amount of kitchen suites as provided by the resort hotel, two hundred and fifty to start, space may be reserved for a second affordable housing complex of another two hundred and fifty suites.

The plan is to cut the rental rates being charged by landlords in half to $750 a month. This will include the option of having the tent paid going toward a mortgage, leading to ownership of the suite. The Resort Hotel may wish to offer up their suites for rent as this community development project nears completion.