The Future is Yet To Come...

Presented by The Goldfire Group

Did you know? Oilers Special Advisor & Alternate Governor of Hockey Operations Bob Nicholson came out publicly stating to the effect that the Edmonton Coliseum could be used in support of Community Activities and events.

This led to sixty-three (63) submissions as to plans to repurpose the Coliseum itself.  However,  these submissions lead the council to either disapprove, pass on considering the possibility, deem it not able to be repurposed, or too costly.

Another plan, number sixty-four (64) has now been submitted to the city. The third draft was shared in the spring of 2023 with the board of the PCCL, now being continually updated, and shared online: is being considered and gaining more and more support from Edmontonians.  The project will allow the city another revenue stream, the ability to host more events, and much-needed spin-off for businesses in and surrounding communities.

Many questions surrounding the Sponsorship Agreement Termination between the (OEG) OILERS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP,  (EAC) EDMONTON ARENA CORP, And THE CITY OF EDMONTON have been asked.  That agreement is public knowledge and we have posted it to view at your convenience.

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